Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting ready for Jarrett Shihan

As we get ready for our annual Royal Palm Budo seminar with Roger Jarrett Shihan it reminds me of how much we have grown over the years.

As students, instructors and staff we have taken on many great challenges and have always risen to the occasion. This event will be no different! We have two O Sogi (Great Cleanings) scheduled before Jarrett Shihan arrives and we have (in typical Meishinkan fashion) rolled out the red carpet for all our out of town guests.

We have been blessed to have the Bounds Family offer up their beautiful home for our social on Saturday night and we have several students planning on testing in Judo, Jujitsu and Iaido!

I cannot wait for this event. Please be sure you get your registrations turned in this week to avoid the $25 late fee charge.

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